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  • CEO Increases Revenue 20% Year-Over-Year

  • Case Study CEO


    The Austin Trail Running Company (ATRC) is the premier trail running company in Austin, Texas with a retail store and online presence. The founder and CEO of ATRC, Pam Kirby, engaged Jennifer Howell, executive coach, after launching her business one and a half years prior.

    Pam desired to increase her store revenue, diminish her workload and improve her communication skills with employees, vendors and customers.


    To jumpstart the executive coaching process, Jennifer and Pam began with a 90-minute Leadership Launch session. During this time, they began clarifying Pam’s goals and defining success for their coaching partnership.

    The two met three times a month for an hour each and focused on three-month goals during a two-year partnership. Every meeting was customized to address specific needs, including but not limited to:

    • Strategic planning
    • Leadership best practices
    • Success mindset
    • Communication effectiveness
    • Boundary setting
    • Scheduling and priority setting
    • Marketing and communication planning
    • Employee hiring and feedback process

    Jennifer provided best practices, templates, tools and exercises. Every session ended with an agreed upon homework assignment(s) and detailed notes for future reference. As the partnership progressed, Jennifer tweaked the coaching approach as needed to address changes in Pam’s business and personal life.

    In order to provide excellent customer service, Jennifer offered unlimited email access to answer questions and review documents. The length of the sessions were adjusted to accommodate two-hour working sessions when needed.


    “My store had a 20% growth rate year-after-year since working with Jennifer. I’ve cut down my hours from 100 to 60 hours a week. She taught me how stand up for myself, how to deal with difficult people and establish clear rules of engagement.” – Pam Kirby, Owner and CEO, Austin Trail Running Company

    Increased Revenue:

    ATRC has experienced 20% revenue growth year-after-year in the first two years of partnering together. This growth has allowed the CEO to grow her team, undergo a website refresh and improve her marketing efforts.

    Improved Productivity & Decreased Workload:

    With the introduction of time blocking, productivity hacks and strategic prioritization efforts, the CEO has increased her productivity while working fewer hours. She has also been able to more easily delegate tasks to other team members.

    Enhanced Communication & Influence:

    The CEO is better equipped to handle difficult vendors and customers with established boundaries and influential language.

    Established Hiring & Feedback Protocols:

    ATRC now has an established hiring practice that includes ideal employee values, interview score cards and standard language when managing candidates. The CEO also has an improved plan to provide regular employee feedback.

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